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Solar Shading

Our line of Eclipse awnings and shades are custom built and designed to blend with the look of your home. Explore our shading solutions below.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings give the best of both worlds. Retract the awning to warm your home, and extend it to cool off and enjoy the shade. The Eclipse range of motorized retractable awnings offers protection from the damaging effects of the sun, so that your whole family can experience the pleasure of outdoor living. Our custom-made fabric awnings save on energy costs, reducing heat gain by as much as 77%. Let us design the perfect awning for your outdoor space. 

Drop Shades

Even on the brightest, hottest days, you can enjoy some cool shade with our heavy-duty rollup exterior sun shades.  Custom-made for both residential and commercial applications, they are a great option for creating comfort and privacy in outdoor spaces.  Our Eclipse Shading Systems are made from fabric that blocks 90% of heat and UV rays.  Cooling down your space, eliminating glare, and protection from the sun make this product a great solution to valley summers. 

Patio Covers

Patio covers make your home feel like it extends into your yard, creating a fresh space that can be used for work, family, friends, and relaxation. Having a usable outdoor space positively impacts the quality of time spent at home, adding value to your lives as well as your property.  

Lattice Covers

When partial shade is necessary, lattice covers are a perfect fit.  Pool areas and play zones specifically benefit from partial coverage. Enjoy bright, cheerful light, without the effects of all-day sun.  We can design a custom look in any shape, color, or style with lighting or fans as needed.

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